Wim van Velzen photography

rivers and polders

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What would the Netherlands be without water? And: what would the Netherlands be without the dikes to stop that water?

The Netherlands, and in particular the province of Holland, is a joy for the lover of geometric landscape design. Ditches, canals, roads, dikes. One thing the Dutch can't manage: the sky. The most stunning colours, the most severe showers, the most exuberant sun shine. Or nothing but greyness.

Holland is famous for its polders, the land gained out of sea and river. Land of ditches, the greenest grass you can imagine, cows and farm houses. But under heavy pressure of economy, growth of population and negligence.

The uiterwaarden, a river's outer marches, are in my opinion the best part of Holland. Here nature has free play and no new house building or industry comes near and near with its concrete, cars and mechanical noises. Let's pray it will stay that way - or can't we keep our hands off again?