Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

in a warm winter

Langdon Beck High Force 1 High Force 2 Low Force

Weststonesdale 1 Weststonesdale 2 Weststonesdale 3

Richmond Horsehouse Kettlewell Hackness

Fountains Abbey 1 Fountains Abbey 2 Fountains Abbey 3

Fountains Abbey 4 Fountains Abbey 5 Fountains Abbey 6

The country from the TV series! If you watched a lot of James Herriot of course. The green dales with their typical stone walls; the hills are left to the heather and some shrubs, tired of their fight against the wind. Barns and derelict mine building everywhere - testifying of an age full of quests for all kinds of meta.
An area which struggled against foot and mouth disease, whose daily concern it is to remain economically vital.

Met many very friendly people - that's an advantage of bed & breakfast holidays with lots of tea rooms. What else can one do in a rainy winter?
The Yorkshire men thought we were mad - why didn't we go to Ibiza?

A stunning country. The small roads, the hedges, the burns, the sheep. Each dale its own character, its own light.
And places full of history they show incidentally. Life goes on as always. Not so by the way in Fountains Abbey - once a place of pious activity, now a World Heritage Site. But still a place of peace.