Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Ardnamurchan & Moidart

Acharacle 1 Acharacle 2 Branault

Ardtoe Glenbeg Ardslignish Kilchoan

Point of Ardnamurchan 1 Point of Ardnamurchan 2 Point of Ardnamurchan 3

Mingary 1 Mingary 2 Point of Arnamurchan 4 large

Castle Tioram 1 Castle Tioram 2 Castle Tioram 3 large Castle Tioram 4

Castle Tioram 5 Castle Tioram 6 Castle Tioram 7

Ardnamurchan: 'almost an island', as they say. And right they are, only just linked to the mainland by small roads. Almost everywhere views over sea. Isles, lots of them, some more than 50 miles off the coast.

The Point of Ardnamurchan, where the lighthouse stands proudly, is the most western point of the British mainland. They'd better realize how lucky they are it is a peninsula - otherwise they would have missed this qualification!
And in my experience the Point is a place with lots of sudden sunny spells. While clouds hang above the mainland, the blue of the sky and that of the sea play together. Coll and Tiree lay bright in the afternoon light. A sailing ship coursing languidly to the isle of Rum.

Another magical point is Castle Tioram in Moidart, a little north of Acharacle. It has to be one of the few pentagonal castles, riveted to a rock point in its own bay. Must have been a nice living - unless one is under siege of course.
The castle isn't trampled down by visitors, although there are always some people clambering around. Or looking for crabs at low tide.