Wim van Velzen photography - landscape


Skipness, Kintyre Kilchurn Castle 1 large Kilchurn Castle 2

Auchindrain 1 Auchindrain 2 Auchindrain 3

Auchindrain 4 Auchindrain 5 Auchindrain 6

Ford 1 Ford 2 Gallachoile 1 Gallachoile 2

Kilmartin 1 Kilmartin 2

Eridine, Loch Awe Lochgilphead 1 Lochgilphead 2 Connol

Stalker Castle1 Stalker Castle 2

Oban 1 Oban 2

Argyll is the south west of the Scottish Highlands. It is a part of the country that doesn't attract the immediate attention: no high mountains, no majestic isles.
But if you take some time, it is very worth while. Its beauty is more subtile, but certainly as special. Friendly villages, wonderful lakes, as the stunning Loch Awe and lots of history.

The area around Kilmartin is full of the remains of the past. Standing stones, megalithic tombs, impressive medieval grave stones. At a slightly further distances there are more castles and chaples than can be visited.
Surely worth a visit is the archeological museum of Kilmartin. And not just when it rains!

Because I am doing tips for trips right now: in Inverary there is a very nice Inverary Jail Museum, showing everything you always wanted to know about life in jail. Very well presented.
More about the life of non-criminal citizens can be found in Auchindrain, an old township of authentically furnished farmhouses form the years 1900-1930. Surely worth the visit!

And well, what could be better than just driving along a small way untill the peninsula decides to end. Views over sea, immense peace. Just sit down and listen to the sheep and gulls.