Wim van Velzen photography - landscape

Wester Ross (2000)

Loch Loyne Druimbuie 1 Druimbuie 2 Inverasdale

Plockton Diabaig 1 Diabaig 2

Shieldaig 1 Shieldaig 2 Big Sands 1 Big Sands 2

Shieldaig 3 Shieldaig 4 Shieldaig 5

Kinlochewe 1 Kinlochewe 2 Kinlochewe 3 Kinlochewe 4

Victoria Falls 1 Victoria Falls 2 Victoria Falls 3

Wester Ross: land of small villages and harbours against the background of the bare Torridon Mountains. At some places marvelous pieces of forest have remained since the days of the Caledonian Forest, covering almost all of Scotland.

The coast is stunning: bays, peninsulas and everywhere views of smaller and larger islands. Even when fish farms pollute the sea loch scenery, the area still has peace and a feeling of endless time and space. Just sit down and watch the tide coming up and make boats float again.

Wonderful are the tapistries of lichens and mosses on the rocks near the shore. Small flowering heathers struggle to make a living on almost impossible places. What beauty if nature just messes around. No planning, no management visions or business plans. But better than everything man can think of.

The woodlands between Ben Eighe and Loch Maree are another highlight. This piece of land is still very much like the original Caledonian Forest, mainly pines, ferns and small shrubs. Pieces of open air give small plants a chance to show their beauty - and lizards to warm up in the sun.